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About Klein & Son

The way we were. In a journey for us that has spanned decades, generations and changing tastes and styles, there have been invaluable constants. Klein and Son has remained steadfast in our commitment to quality, integrity, superb customer service and to building lasting relationships with our customers. In return these customers have blessed us with their trust and loyalty by making us part of the most important and joyous occasions of their lives. It is because of them that we can now reflect on such a rich past and bright future.

Klein Jewelers was founded in 1893 by Mr. Leo Klein, a Hungarian emigrant. The first location of the Klein Jewelry Store was modest in size; just ten by thirty feet. It was in 1923 that Klein and Son moved to the legendary building on Dexter Avenue and Court Square. The Italianate Landmark Building was designed by the architect of the Alabama State Capitol Building, Stephen D. Button, and is now an historical Landmark in downtown Montgomery. In the early 1920's Klein and Son acquired the old Central Bank building and modified it's windows and interiors. In 1930 Klein and Son purchased a large four faced street clock, placing it on the corner of Dexter Avenue and North Court street. The clock gradually became the time piece of downtown Montgomery and a symbol of the city.

In 1977, Klein and Son opened a store at Eastdale Mall which was quickly joined by a second location at Zelda Place Shopping Center. The store remained at Zelda Place for 23 years. Today, the present home of Klein and Son is The Shoppes At Eastchase.  

In December 2009, the historical clock was given to the City of Montgomery and returned to its original place on the corner of Dexter Avenue and Court Street.

In the coming year, Klein and Son will celebrate it's 119th anniversary as Montgomery's Oldest Fine Jeweler. We realize that such a milestone is rare indeed and that credit must be given, first and foremost, to the many friends and customers we have met along the way. To each and every customer; please accept our heartfelt gratitude.

As we move forward, our intent is to embrace the changing times by continuing to offer maximum value for quality merchandise and to hold true to our long history as Montgomery's Oldest Fine Jeweler.

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